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September 15, 2020 - Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Joint Emergency Operation Program (JEOP) Chief of Party, Mr. David Orth-Moore and Deputy Chief of Party Bronwen Moore, visited ECC-SDCOH JEOP activities in Eje Aneny kebele of Dire Dawa Administration. JEOP is a program supported by USAID through CRS with the goal of “lives and livelihoods of emergency affected rural Ethiopians are protected” and implemented in 38 rural kebeles of Dire Dawa Administration and ----- woredas of East Hararghe Zone in Oromia Regional State.

The team was welcomed in the ECC-SDCOH meeting hall followed by the presentation of ECC-SDCOH’s program head, Ato Zenebe Tsegaw, on the overall activities of the office executing in its jurisdiction. Following the presentation, the team travelled to the food distribution point located at the distance of 9 km from Dire Dawa town called Eje Aneny kebele and visited the food store and its overall management. The team have observed the condition and the internal arrangement of the store. Besides, they looked on the documentation and data management.

Next, the team, accompanied by Abba Worku Demeke (ECC-SDCOH Executive Director), Ato Zenebe Tsegaw (ECC-SDCOH Program Head) and other concerned staffs, travelled to observe the construction of Masonry Dam (MD) being implemented under the program entitled “Development Food Security Activity (DFSA)” in Adada kebele of Dire Dawa Administration. The purpose of the MD is to store the percolated water and used for irrigation to the community residing in downstream so that they improve their agriculture production.

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Finally, the team visited the completed structure of SSD in Kurtu kebele in Dire Dawa Administration located at the distance of 36 km from Dire Dawa town. At the end of the visit the team have acknowledge that the ECC-SDCOH effort is very impressive especially serving the community during COVID 19 pandemic.

Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Joint Emergency Operation Program (JEOP) Chief of Party visited ECC-SDCOH

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