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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


Under ECC-SDSCOH's water, sanitation and hygiene sector of intervention there are three components, which are water, hygiene and sanitation.


1. Water


The component of water comprises eleven major activities as listed below:

  1. Spring development;

  2. Manual and machinery shallow and deep well drilling and development;

  3. On spot distribution, pressure and distribution pipe lines installation;

  4. Installation of pumps, which works manually, with diesel electric generator, photo voltaic and hybrid systems.

  5. Construction of masonry reservoirs, elevated concrete & fiberglass reservoirs and water points.

  6. Rain water harvest and construction of afer dams, ponds, concrete and masonry storages;

  7. Construction of sand dams (SD);

  8. Maintenance and rehabilitation of existing structures;

  9. Expansion of existing systems;

  10. Establish and training care takers and provision of tools;

  11. Establishing and training water, sanitation and hygiene committees.

2. Sanitation


The component of sanitation comprises three major activities as listed below:

  1. Construction of latrine / toilets;

  2. Construction of waste disposal pits;

  3. Promotion through training and awareness creation.


3. Hygiene


The component of hygiene comprises three major activities as listed below:

  1. Construction of hand washing facilities and cloth washing basins:

  2. Promotion through trainings and awareness creation:

   3. Provision of soaps, sanitary pads and other hygiene materials.

Borehole Drilling.png

Borehole Drilling 

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