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His Excellency Archbishop Antoine Camilleri visited the Ethiopian Catholic Church – Social and Development Commission Branch Office of Harar on March 17, 2020. All the staff of the office considered His visit as a great honor and expressed their joy and hospitality by welcoming Him in their hall, in the presence of His Excellency Bishop Angelo and Abba Tsega Tadesse.


Besides a brief coffee ceremony, the social activity and the pastoral activity of the Vicariate have been presented to him by Abba Worku Demeke and Abba Tsega Tadesse. As a conclusion of the presentations, it has been highlighted that the Vicariate is playing a significant role in giving hope to all Christians and non-Christians.

After the presentation, His Excellency has expressed his feeling and admired the Vicariate for the vast social works and pastoral efforts that are undertaking. He also shared what he sow in his previous visit in the other dioceses and unveiled his astonishment of how the Catholic Church is serving the communities despite of its number.

After the coffee ceremony the lunch was served by the Capuchin Brothers in the friary. Then, in the afternoon He traveled in one of the sites near to Dire Dawa, where the development activities are being carried on. They have visited ------- site, which is located in 12 km far from Dire Dawa. In this site three activities have been visited. The first one was the irrigation farm


cultivated by the local farmers to ensure food security, the second one was the masonry dam construction to scale up the irrigation scheme and the third one was the agro-dealer, who provides seeds, pesticide and various materials for the local farmers. After they finished the site visiting the left for Harar with the Bishop

Pastoral Visit of Archbishop Antoine Camilleri the newly appointed nuncio  

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