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Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Country Representative and Program Head visited ECC-SDCOH Development and Emergency Projects

October 11-14, 2020 - Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Country Representative, Mr. John Shumlansky and Program Head, Mr. Zemede Abebe  accompanied by other CRS teams, visited ECC-SDCOH Development and Emergency Projects activities in Fafen zone of Somali Regional State, Chinakson and Babile woredas in East Hararghe Zone of Oromia Regional State, and Bishan Behe rural kebele of Dire Dawa Administration. The team have visited the project activities implemented under the

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projects entitled Community Recovery and Resilience Project in Eastern Ethiopia (CRRP), Chinakson Emergency WASH projects implemented in East Hararghe Zone of Oromia Region and Building Resilience in Rural Ethiopia in the Face of

Natural and Man-made Disaster implemented in Fafan Zone of Somali Regional State (GRRE).

First, the team have visited Emergency WASH activities in Chinakson Woreda where the water supply system construction undertaken by the support of CRS. The team visited the constructed water system for the community and their livestock.

Second, the team travelled to see the project activitiesimplemented by CRRP project being implemented in Chinakson woreda, Tero Sendare and

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Gella Kebelle where the construction of water system is being undertaken. The team have observed the overall status of 

water system that includes borehole drilling, supply of generator and installation of the distribution lines.


Third, they have visited the project activities implemented by GRRE project supported by The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) in Gulfa kebele in Fafen Zone of Somali Regional State. The team has visited the completed water supply system and natural resource management works executed. Besides the CRS management team made a discussion with higher government officials with Somali Regional State.

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Fourth, accompanied by East Hararghe Zone higher government officials, the team travelled to Nejata Gemechis village of Babile woreda to inaugurate the WASH activities (Construction of 75m3 reservoir, drilling of borehole, construction of six water points with distribution lines and construction of cattle trough and four rooms school latrine executed by CRRP project. After visiting all the structures, the CRS management team and government officials inaugurated the water system and opened to the community.

Finally, the team travelled to Bishan Behe kebele of Dire Dawa Administration to see the completed small-scale irrigation system construction and the status of seed provision activities implemented by CRRP project. 

At the closing of the mission the CRS team have express their appreciation for the overall project implementations executed by ECC-SDCOH.

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The team especially acknowledged that, it is impressing to accomplish the project activities at the time of COVID 19 pandemic.

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